The following warranty is contingent on the review and inspection of received product(s) within twenty-four (24) hours of acceptance by the owner of aforementioned product(s).

Powder Doctor (PD) warrants only item(s) coated by PD against significant flaking, cracking, discoloration or coating failures due to defects in workmanship by PD for a period of one (1) year from the date of acceptance, unless other terms have been agreed upon and documented by both parties. Any additional coating warranties are to be agreed upon (in writing) prior to coating application. PD warranties items for one (1) year to the original customer against powder coating adhesion or failure due to defects in workmanship and are non-transferable.

PD does not warranty item(s) that incur damage from mishandling, shipping, misuse, general daily use not associated with a coating failure, neglect or alteration by the customer which results in premature coating failure. Items that are built with improper fabrication, construction or design will not be warranted.

PD is not responsible for damage of parts due to any pre-treatment or preparatory processes. Potential concerns and problems must be relayed to PD prior to any blasting, sanding, stripping or coating treatment. PD will not perform any pretreatment of preparatory processes if the customer does not agree to assume the risk of parts warping, excess blasting media getting trapped in areas of the product(s), holes forming in thin metal areas, or any other damaged not described herein.

This warranty is void if the item(s) are taken apart or tampered with after PD service.

Any concerns or issues with finished products must first be reviewed by PD. PD reserves the right to determine what action, if any, will be taken to rectify the issue(s). This warranty does not cover repair of the product(s) by any other service provider.

This warranty is limited to the original customer only as he/she is the individual that has signed and agreed to all terms and conditions of service.

The customer is responsible for reviewing and inspecting all finished product(s) when they are picked up from PD or if applicable when delivered to the customer. All inspections and reviews must occur within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of product(s) and PD must be notified of all issue(s) within the same twenty-four (24) hour period for this warranty to be valid. 

Effective Date: January 22, 2019

Revision: 1.22.19A