Aluminum or Steel we've got you covered! See below for standard and custom pricing or click here to start your quote!

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Aluminum - Standard Color

Pick from any of our Standard Colors for your aluminum rims. We'll blast off grime and dirt, treat them with Iron Phosphate and coat each piece to perfection! 

Aluminum Rims up to 19" $80/Rim  Coating
$50/Rim  Blasting $130/Rim

Aluminum - Custom Color

Pick a custom color for your aluminum rims and you'll get something completely one-of-a-kind! Select one of our in-house custom colors for this pricing, up to 19 inches. The price for wheels larger than 19 inches is dependent on the size.

Aluminum Custom Rims $100/Rim  Custom Coating
$50/Rim  Blasting $150/Rim 
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Odoo • Image and Text

Steel - Standard Color

Coat your Steel rims with any of our Standard Colors and roll away in style! We'll blast off prior coatings, put on a zinc primer, and coat your rims to look brand new!

Steel Rims $80/Rim  Standard Coating
$50/Rim  Blasting $130/Rim

Steel - Custom Color

Pick a custom powder color for your Steel Rims and we'll handle the rest! Blasting will remove previous coatings and any grime and then we'll seal that clean finish with a zinc primer, custom color base coat and a shiny new clear coat!

Steel Custom Rims $100/Rim  Custom Coating
$50/Rim  Blasting $150-175/Rim
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